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Everything you need to celebrate birthdays, Easter, Christmas, Mother’s Day and more with special occasion keepsakes and gifts to cherish forever.

Customise your own special occasion keepsakes or view the range and choose straight from Timber Tinkers most popular designs.

We love getting ready for those special times of year. Getting ready for birthdays, Easter and Christmas means decorating the house and putting out all our special occasion keepsakes. Making memories and family traditions the kids just adore. So, we decided to design a range of special occasion keepsakes, games and home décor for everyone to enjoy!

Creating traditions and celebrating special events is easy with our beautiful range of hand-crafted decorations, holiday accessories, special occasion keepsakes, toys and gifts. We make products for birthdays, Easter, Christmas, Mother’s Day, weddings and more.

When it comes to celebrating memorable moments and special people in your life – it’s all about sharing the anticipation and fun with family and friends. And of course, making magical memories for the kids. It’s fun to go the extra mile to make their day special with unique gifts, keepsakes and home decorations that you literally won’t find anywhere else. Our Christmas shop is open all year round so you can get all your decorations ready!

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