My Easter Top Picks

Hi Ladies,

If you’re anything like me and have refused to believe that Easter is next month (I mean it’s still
January, right?) and have left getting yourself Easter ready a little to the last minute then this blog is
for you.

We all know everyone loves Easter, I mean it’s one of the few times a year we, as parents get to
“help” the kids eat the chocolate bunny/egg stash!
But it can also be hard to think of ideas on what to get your little one! So, to make things a little
easier I’ve put together a list of my favourite Easter products that will make any little one’s Easter

1. My First Easter Plaque

If you have a baby celebrating their first Easter then this is the perfect keepsake. Either go classic
with the vintage wooden bunny or add a splash of colour in your photo op with the new grey bunny.

My First Easter – Timber Tinkers
My First Easter Egg – Grey Bunny – Timber Tinkers

2. Easter Bunny Foot Prints

Create that Easter magic in your house with a set of these bunny foot prints! A magical way for the
kids to find their Easter treats Easter morning.

Easter Bunny Foot Prints – Timber Tinkers

3. Easter Egg Hunt Kit

If you are anything like our household than you know the Easter egg hunt is the favourite part of the
morning. This Easter Egg Hunt Kit is wonderful for giving them a helping hand on where to find all
the chocolate goodies.

Easter Egg Hunt Kit – Colour – Timber Tinkers

4. Easter Keepsake Box

Wanting to create your kids an Easter gift box? The keepsake boxes are my favourite for this, as they
are perfect for putting each of the kids’ gifts in. Whether it be a new pair of pj’s, a new book, a
puzzle and a few Easter eggs – the options are endless. Get one for each kid to have their own
personalized box or get one for the whole family to enjoy. Bonus is they are the perfect size for
storing all your Easter decorations in for next year!


Keepsake Boxes – Grey Bunny – Timber Tinkers

5. Easter Hunt Basket

Don’t want something as large as a keepsake box? Not only are these fluffy bunny baskets the ideal
size for the kid’s Easter egg hunt, but they are also the perfect size to create a special Easter gift
basket. Either personalize the basket or pair it with an Easter gift tag to spoil your little one’s.
(Blue and Pink baskets available only)

Easter Hunt Basket – Timber Tinkers

And that’s it! Here are just a few ideas to make your Easter as stress-free and as enjoyable as can be
(as enjoyable as kids on a sugar high that is). Remember, Easter is only 32 days away so you
better get a hop on!!


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