Kids Bedtime Routines

Kids Bedtime Routines

Bedtime – the time of the day where the kids unlock a burst of energy leaving us parents wondering ‘where did that come from?’ Whether it be pleading for “one more book” or wanting an evening snack, it seems kids will do anything to avoid being tucked in and told ‘goodnight’. Although It can sometimes feel like mission impossible to get them into bed, creating a bedtime routine can make this easy. 


Every parent knows how important sleep is for their children’s wellbeing. Sleep has been linked to improved memory and attention, learning capabilities, and overall physical and mental health. Not only does the amount of sleep your child receives matter, but the time they go to sleep is important as well. As children transition from including regular naps in their schedule to instead only sleeping at night, establishing a routine becomes important. 


Creating a routine is a fantastic place to start in helping your little ones establish a regular bedtime and to ensure they get a restful night’s sleep. Creating a consistent bedtime routine can be tough in the beginning, especially for kids who don’t like going to bed in the evening. However, there are some tips and tricks to get started, and soon enough your evening routine will be running smoothly.


  1. Limit screen time 

Screens such as tablets, television, phones, and gaming systems emit blue light, a light that hinders the production of the sleep-hormone, melatonin. Scientists believe that blue light has an amplified effect on children and without the natural and regular production of melatonin, they may find it difficult to fall asleep and may not feel drowsy in the evening. By limiting screen time and not allowing screen time an hour prior to the bedtime routine, the impact that blue light has on their melatonin production is minimised, and you are far more likely to have some sleepy little ones in the evening.


  1. Stick to the routine, even on weekends and holidays.

Creating a routine is only half the challenge, sticking to it is just as important! Although it may be tempting to let the kids stay up later on the weekends, keeping a consistent bedtime throughout the entire week ensures that they are not ‘catching up’ on sleep the following day, and that their circadian rhythm remains in check.


  1. Create a fun and welcoming bedroom 

Allowing kids to create their own space is a fantastic way to encourage them to not only go to bed, but to stay in bed after lights out.   We find night lights help to keep the “monsters” away for our little ones.   For our full range of night lights click here.

Whether it be a cosy bedspread of their favourite characters, a pile of cute stuffed toys, or an exciting and unique kids’ bed design like the Vuly Den Bed – the sky’s the limit!

  1. Reading a bedtime story

Reading your kids a bedtime story is not only a great bonding exercise, but it can also help your little ones fall asleep. Reading to your kids offers a huge range of benefits including increasing their vocabulary, helping with their literacy and comprehension skills, and most importantly for bedtime, lowering their stress levels. As an added bonus, the Vuly Den Bed is the perfect little reading nook to bring all of the best stories and adventures to life.


Creating a regular bedtime routine can seem daunting, but with these tips and tricks we have no doubt you will have your little one sleeping right through in no time. 

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